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За высокий стандарт обслуживания центру оперативной полиграфии «Копирус» Администрацией города вручён знак «Екатеринбургское качество»

What is COPYRUS? About us in English:

“COPYRUS ® Copyshop & Stationery”: quality services in Design, Copying, Printing + Consummables and Stationery, all in one place and in every branch. From a single copy - to a run of skysraper plans, we are serving people of Ekaterinburg 365 days a year.

The network of “COPYRUS® Copyshop & Stationery” offices around the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia, provides reliable and high quality services in design, printing and copying for a wide range of clients. In addition to this, we have a comprehensive choice of stationery and office consummables on sale in every branch, plus cartridge re-filling services and a wide range of souvenirs of corporate and individual character.

All our offices situate in prime business locations around Ekaterinburg and most of them have good parking facilities. Our delivery service and informative website are unique and very popular with our clients. We accept all forms of payments, including plastic cards VISA and Mastercard.

For those who work in office or has a business, we provide a complete office outsourcing, and we keep it unpretentious and sustainable, quality service at a competetive price. Our services fully incorporate standart services of any European high street copyshop.

We offer a wide range of services including photocopying and duplication on variety of papers, full-colour photocopying and large format photocopying. Our finishing equipment provides collating, binding, stapling, laminating and cutting. Our computer design units have a good range of scanners, printers and advanced software, and are able to create, modify and print computer files from virtually any media onto paper of formats from A4 to A0, monochrome or colour.

How to become a COPYRUS customer?

8, Bankovskiy per., Ekaterinburg, Russia, PB 620151, Copyrus Copyshop

At first, you need to live in Ekaterinburg or close, or visit our great city regular or occasionally.

In our central branch that situates in the city of Ekaterinburg opposite the 1905 Square (Bankovskiy per. 8, copyshop COPYRUS) we work everyday from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. including weekends and holidays (except New Year day only). In our other branches there are slightly different timetables, and you are welcome to find a convenient branch around the city on this website pages. In our central branch, if you require help for a complicated order, we provide service in English by appointment, but if you just pop in on your way, there is a good chance that you could speak in English to one of our employees, many of whom speak or learn to speak English.

For large orders and regular clients we offer discounts and discount-cards (up to 10% off). We have also very attractive discounts for students.

You would be surprised to see how many different people visit us everyday. Because they know we care. Because they know we are open 365 days a year in any weather, ready to help. So organize your files and paperwork - keep our address and telephone at hand!


Dear customer,
Here your can write your question or send an order. During 15-20 minutes you will get an answer from our qualified staff to your e-mail.

When browse through pages of our branches and price-lists, please note the following:

Copyrus, contacts

1. A cost of a complicated order, calculated by a customer on his own, not always reflects all nuances of technologies and costs of production. This happens due to the complexity of our various technologies and consumables. Please, ask our specialist for a qualified quote to avoid misunderstandings.

2. Prices for our services are VARY in different parts of the city of Ekaterinburg. In other branch you can sometimes find a better deal or discount.

3. Our delivery service works in every branch: In Ekaterinburg city-centre, orders over 3000 roubles would be delivered to your door free of charge.

You can also contact us by:
e-mail: copyrus@.inbox.ru
tel/fax: (343) 371-60-06, 371-59-93
Address: 8, Bankovskiy per., Ekaterinburg, Russia, PB 620151, "Copyrus" Copyshop.

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